Upholstery Care & Cleaning

Keep your sofa, lounge and other upholstered furniture feeling fresh and new.


We provide low-cost upholstery cleaning services to Canberra. Treating your upholstered furniture with care requires them to be professionally cleaned regularly. Vacuuming them is just not enough–it will not remove the dirt and particles embedded deep inside your couches, sofas, chairs and mattresses. Removing all the dirt and bacteria properly requires deep steam cleaning. The high standards and attention to detail of our technicians will ensure your upholstery receives a complete treatment leaving it brighter, fresher and free of odours.

Why having you upholstered furniture professionally cleaned is Important

There are many benefits for getting your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned regularly. These benefits include:

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it helps remove allergens

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gives longer life to your furniture

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your furniture will look and feel better

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the upholstery will smell better

It’s worth it!

Not getting your upholstery professionally cleaned regularly will cost more in the long run. You will need to replace them more often, and it will be unhealthy for your family and pets. We may even be able to get out that extremely stubborn stain you thought you’d have to live with. Read more about our stain removal services.